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Hull District Heating Network – What You Need to Know

Hull District Heating Network – What You Need to Know

Hull City Council is launching the city’s first district heating network, providing low-cost, low-carbon energy to buildings located within the city centre. 

Here is what you need to know about district heating… 

What is a District Heating Network? 🔥

District Heating offers a localised energy centre supplying heat underground to large commercial buildings or residential housing. These heating networks offer public and private sector bodies cheap heat energy, whilst also offering low-carbon energy heat.

The Hull district heating network will use energy from waste, to heat water providing the underground pipework for the heating network. The network will provide buildings within the city centre with low carbon, below market value heat energy to a range of buildings. 

How does this help you? 

By connecting to the Hull network, you can fix your overhead operational costs by having security over your future heat energy costs. This offers businesses a reduced risk in the volatility in energy costs and contributes to saving carbon emissions within Yorkshire. 

How can C3 Group help? 

C3 Group is a Specialist Leading Professional in delivering District Heating Networks on a large commercial scale. We are a CIBSE Accredited Heat Network Consultant, with experience in designing, developing, and innovating heat networks across the UK.

Interesting in a District Heating Network? Get in touch with our sustainability consulting team…

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