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Phase 4 of the Public Decarbonisation Scheme – What Does It Mean?

Phase 4 of the Public Decarbonisation Scheme – What Does It Mean?

Exciting news for public sector organisations across the UK – The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has recently announced details for Phase 4 of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS), which will be delivered by Salix Finance. Here at C3 Group, we’re thrilled to continue delivering this important initiative and play a part in helping you achieve your net zero ambitions.

What’s New in Phase 4?

This phase brings some key changes designed to make the scheme even more effective:

  • Targeted Funding Allocation: Gone is the ‘first come, first served’ approach. Phase 4 applications will be assessed based on their ability to deliver the most significant carbon emission reductions and best value for money. This ensures funding goes to projects with the greatest impact.
  • Focus on Project Quality: Salix has continued to refine the application process based on feedback from hundreds of public sector organisations, ensuring that high-quality projects with the most significant environmental benefit receive the support they need.
  • Continued Sector Focus: The sector cap system, which guarantees a fair distribution of funds across public sector areas, remains in place.

Funding Availability

The government has allocated £1.17 billion for public sector decarbonisation spread over the next few years:

  • £670 million in 2025/26
  • £300 million in 2026/27
  • £200 million in 2027/28

The Application Process with C3 Group

At C3 Group, we’re passionate about supporting public sector organisations in achieving their net zero goals. We have extensive experience delivering Salix funding and can guide you through the application process, which involves:

  1. Initial Consultation with C3 Group: We’ll discuss your project goals and analyse their suitability based on Phase 4’s focus on carbon reduction and value for money.
  1. Project Assessment and Proposal Development: We’ll work with you to craft a proposal that emphasises your project’s ability to deliver significant carbon emission reductions. Our team will ensure your proposal aligns perfectly with Phase 4’s criteria.
  1. Submission and Support: We’ll handle submitting your proposal to Salix and manage communication throughout the assessment process. Our experience, combined with Phase 4’s targeted approach, will strengthen your application.
  1. Project Implementation: Once your project is approved, we partner with our sister company, GW Power-Safe, to provide ongoing support during implementation. This ensures your project delivers the promised carbon savings and remains compliant with Phase 4 requirements.

Don’t navigate Phase 4 alone – partner with C3 Group to leverage our expertise and maximise your chances of securing Salix funding.

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