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Unlocking the Full Potential of Hydrogen

Unlocking the Full Potential of Hydrogen

As the energy sector turns towards hydrogen as a sustainable and economically viable source of power, C3 Group’s team of investors and engineers are supporting our clients with independent and expert analysis they can rely on. 

Wind and solar can be used to produce hydrogen through electrolysis of water (Green Hydrogen), or as steam methane reforming (SMR), using natural gas from existing UK infrastructures such as food land waste. 

Over the years, hydrogen has commonly been utilised in refineries as a raw material for ammonia and fertilizer production. As described above, Hydrogen as an energy source or as a means of storing energy, its role within the energy transition will prove crucial on our journey to net-zero. 

Low carbon-hydrogen (whether produced without carbon emissions or involving carbon capture technology) is considered a favourable strategy in the context of the energy transition. A crucial factor is the advantage of hydrogen’s ability to store large amounts of energy over long periods of time at competitive costs when compared with current battery technology. 

Whilst Green Hydrogen is the preferred route, Grey & Blue Hydrogen will also play a role in the transition. Furthermore, Carbon capture and storage (CCS) will form a large marketplace – C3 Group specialises in the utilisation of CO2, used as refrigerants within heat pump district heating networks of varying types. 

For most businesses, carbon offsetting of Hydrogen may prove problematic. C3 Group’s in-house sustainability consulting team supports our clients throughout this net-zero journey with alternative options, including carbon offsetting and utilisation options. 

The stakes are high. Governments, major energy companies, and new entrants are realising the value of hydrogen. The upscaling of these technologies and stability within the market require alignment across the supply chain. C3 Group’s in-house team develop, design, and manager this process offering our clients one point of contact throughout. 


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