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installation of energy efficient solar panels for net zero

Unlocking Energy Efficiency Funding

If the UK is to achieve its ambitious carbon reduction goals, organisations will need to play their part in becoming more sustainable. Recognising the importance of energy efficiency, the government has created funding opportunities designed to help public sector organisations reduce carbon emissions by providing essential upfront costs that could otherwise hold them back. We … Read more

Public Decarbonisation Scheme, Phase 4, C3 Group

Phase 4 of the Public Decarbonisation Scheme – What Does It Mean?

Exciting news for public sector organisations across the UK – The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has recently announced details for Phase 4 of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS), which will be delivered by Salix Finance. Here at C3 Group, we’re thrilled to continue delivering this important initiative and play a part … Read more

salix funding assistance

A Basic Guide to Salix Funding for Public Sector Bodies

Here at C3 Group, we’re experts in sustainability consulting. We offer a service assisting public sector bodies with sustainable funding applications, and implementation.  We get asked a lot about Salix funding, so it seemed fitting to put together a short guide clearing up a few questions. What is Salix Funding? Salix Funding is a government initiative … Read more

Net Zero Consultant, Net Zero Hull, Net Zero Consultant

A Step-by-Step Guide for Implementing a Net Zero Strategy

Trying to develop a net zero strategy? It’s important! These strategies focus on balancing emitted greenhouse gases – which is absolutely imperative in the fight against global warming. This guide is designed to provide a clear, step-by-step approach to developing and implementing a net zero strategy, ensuring your business contributes positively to our planet’s future. … Read more

Net Zero Consultant, Net Zero Hull, Net Zero Consultant

Retrofitting vs Rebuilding: Advice from Net Zero Consultants

More and more businesses are getting on board the sustainability train. With heat pumps, solar power, LED lighting, Electric Vehicle Charging, there’s so many things you can implement to increase energy efficiency. One of the pivotal decisions organisations face is whether to retrofit existing structures or to opt for a complete rebuild. Retrofitting is often … Read more

Net Zero Hull, C3 Group, GW Power Safe

Making Net Zero more achievable for Hull Businesses with GW Power

At C3 Group, we understand that embarking on the journey to achieve net-zero emissions can seem like a daunting task for businesses. It’s not just about setting the goal; it’s about finding the right path to get there. That’s why we are excited to share our latest milestone – our strategic partnership with GW Power. … Read more

Energy Management for Businesses, energy efficiency retrofits hull

Energy Management for Businesses

As businesses increasingly embrace their role in combating climate change, effective energy management is becoming more popular. By taking a proactive and systematic approach to monitor, control, and optimise energy consumption, organisations can cost savings whilst also contributing significantly to environmental preservation. As a sustainability consulting firm, we’re sharing our process for managing your energy. … Read more

Road Map to Net Zero, Net Zero Consultant, Net Zero Hull

Thrive Academy – Road Map to Net Zero

C3 Group and Thrive Academy Trust have formed a strategic partnership in our shared commitment to achieving Net Zero. As a trusted net zero consultant, we bring our expertise in sustainable practices, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction strategies to support Thrive Academy Trust on their journey towards a more sustainable future. As a net zero … Read more

Road Map to Net Zero, Net Zero Consultant, Net Zero Hull

Maximising ROI: How a Net Zero Consultant Boosts Business Performance

When it comes to sustainability, businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of reducing their carbon footprint and embracing net zero practices. However, implementing these changes effectively and achieving tangible results can be a complex task. This is where a Net Zero Consultant can make a significant difference.  Understanding your Business Landscape In order to drive … Read more


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