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PAS 2038 Achieve!

Great news! At C3 Group, we are thrilled to announce that we have achieved PAS 2038 accreditation! This is a significant accomplishment and demonstrates our commitment to helping our clients reduce their carbon emissions and tackle climate change.  What is PAS 2038? It’s a performance standard for retrofitting commercial buildings to identify, assess, and implement … Read more

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Net Zero Business – Green Status Achieved!

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to announce that we have achieved Green Status with Investors in the Environment (iiE) and are now officially a Net Zero business! One of our many outcomes of becoming Net Zero is to maximise our ability to do good, not only in climate change but in social value, economic growth, and green living … Read more


Improving the Energy Efficiency of your Building: A Practical Guide

⭐️Interested in reducing your energy bills and improving the sustainability of your building, then this is the webinar for you!⭐️ C3 Group is hosting a FREE webinar, in collaboration with Hull City Council & Investors in the Environment (iiE) ♻️ By the end of this webinar, you will have a better understanding of how to … Read more

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UK Grid Capacity

The push to remove and reduce fossil fuels, means that we are using more electricity than ever before. The UK’s climate emergency has further developed renewable energy technologies, with a strong agenda placed on the electrification of heat energy.  Because of this, an increased demand is required resulting in the national grid exploring useful energy … Read more

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Hull District Heating Network – What You Need to Know

Hull City Council is launching the city’s first district heating network, providing low-cost, low-carbon energy to buildings located within the city centre.  Here is what you need to know about district heating…  What is a District Heating Network? 🔥 District Heating offers a localised energy centre supplying heat underground to large commercial buildings or residential housing. … Read more


Unlocking the Full Potential of Hydrogen

As the energy sector turns towards hydrogen as a sustainable and economically viable source of power, C3 Group’s team of investors and engineers are supporting our clients with independent and expert analysis they can rely on.  Wind and solar can be used to produce hydrogen through electrolysis of water (Green Hydrogen), or as steam methane … Read more

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Building Management System Optimisation

With rising energy costs, businesses are feeling the pressure to strategies to reduce their overheads and maintain projected growth. A key point surrounding an organisation’s growth is how to decarbonise its estate, aligned to its current cash flow projections. Whilst not all businesses are cash-rich, this poses a bottleneck for organisations to align themselves to … Read more

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Decarbonisation Strategic Phasing

Bringing together multiple renewable energy strategies can deliver a future-proofed transition to net-zero for many organisations, but what is the best strategy?  In an ideal world, the common decarbonisation strategy would derive using district heating networks, solar PV, heat pumps, etc. However, these solutions are often not viable for rural locations, and congested city centers … Read more


CO2 Capture, Storage, and Utilisation

Currently within the UK, heating, and cooling contribute to 37% of the UK’s energy emissions. Whilst hydrogen, solar PV, hydropower, and battery storage will drive the UK’s net zero strategy a wide focus is required surrounding existing infrastructure and the repurposing of waste outputs into engineering assets. Most Refrigerants use a liquefiable vapour to transfer … Read more


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