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A Basic Guide to Salix Funding for Public Sector Bodies

A Basic Guide to Salix Funding for Public Sector Bodies

Here at C3 Group, we’re experts in sustainability consulting. We offer a service assisting public sector bodies with sustainable funding applications, and implementation. 

We get asked a lot about Salix funding, so it seemed fitting to put together a short guide clearing up a few questions.

What is Salix Funding?

Salix Funding is a government initiative designed to provide funding to public sector bodies for improving energy efficiency. The primary goal is to reduce carbon emissions and lower energy bills through the implementation of green technologies and practices. The funding covers a wide range of projects, from upgrading lighting and heating systems to installing renewable energy sources.

Eligibility and Application

To be eligible for Salix Funding, your organisation must be part of the public sector in the UK. This includes local authorities, schools, NHS trusts, higher education institutions, and more. The application process typically involves an initial assessment of your proposed project’s cost-effectiveness and environmental impact.

Project Criteria:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: The project should demonstrate a reasonable payback period, typically within five years, through energy savings.
  2. Carbon Reduction: Projects should contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions.
  3. Compliance: All projects must comply with relevant regulations and standards.

Types of Projects Funded

Salix supports a wide array of projects. Some common examples include:

  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Insulation improvements
  • Installation of energy-efficient boilers
  • Solar panel installations
  • Smart building technologies

The Application Process with C3 Group

  1. Initial Consultation with C3 Group: Reach out to us for an initial discussion about your project. We bring expertise in understanding Salix Funding requirements and can guide you through the initial stages.
  2. Project Assessment and Proposal Development: We assist in assessing your project for feasibility and compliance with Salix Funding criteria. We help in developing a detailed proposal that outlines the project’s expected energy savings and environmental benefits.
  3. Submission and Liaison: C3 Group will submit the proposal on your behalf and liaise with Salix throughout the assessment process. Our experience in dealing with such applications can significantly enhance the chances of approval.
  4. Project Implementation: Once approved, C3 Group can continue to provide support in the implementation of the project with our sister company GW Power, ensuring that it meets the outlined goals and Salix Funding criteria.


The unique aspect of Salix Funding is that the funding is repaid through the energy savings achieved. This means the repayments are structured in a way that they are equal to or less than the anticipated savings, ensuring that the projects are cash-neutral or cash-positive from the start.

Benefits for Public Sector Bodies

  1. Cost Savings: Reduced energy bills lead to significant cost savings over time.
  2. Environmental Impact: Lower carbon emissions contribute to a healthier environment.
  3. Enhanced Reputation: Demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, boosting public image.
  4. Improved Facilities: Upgraded infrastructure leads to better working environments and public spaces.

Next Steps 

To start your sustainable journey with Salix Funding:

Get in touch! We have extensive knowledge, from assessing your energy needs to developing and submitting your application, we can manage the entire process. With our partner GW Power, we can even assist in the implementation process, providing a turn-key service. 

Our approach ensures that your journey towards energy efficiency and sustainability is seamless AND successful.

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