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UK Grid Capacity

UK Grid Capacity

The push to remove and reduce fossil fuels, means that we are using more electricity than ever before. The UK’s climate emergency has further developed renewable energy technologies, with a strong agenda placed on the electrification of heat energy. 

Because of this, an increased demand is required resulting in the national grid exploring useful energy storage technologies to balance the grid. 

So, what is C3 Group doing about it? 

We are working closely with private and public sector bodies, to create decentralised energy sources within Yorkshire & Humber. This offers the region grid stability, ready for the increased electricity demand for decarbonising heat energy. 

The UK grid has committed to decarbonise its electricity systems by 2035, by using homegrown technologies such as: 

  • Offshore wind power
  • Battery Storage 
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Solar PV 
  • Hydrogen Power

This comes ahead of the publication of the government’s net-zero strategies. To ensure this ambition becomes a reality, C3 Group is playing a crucial role in decarbonisation energy through energy innovations. 

How can C3 Group help? 

C3 Group are a team of sustainability consulting Specialists and Leading Professionals in delivering innovative energy strategies, on a large commercial scale. We offer a turn-key service to decarbonising energy across the UK.  

Interesting in Renewable Energy Technologies? Get in touch…

☎️ 01482 639471
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