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What is a Heat Decarbonisation Plan?

What is a Heat Decarbonisation Plan?

As set out in the Government’s Net Zero Strategy, the ambition is to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions from public sector buildings by 75% by 2037 and reach net-zero emissions by 2050, with cities such as Hull and Leeds targeting carbon-neutrality by 2030.

The carbon emissions from heating systems make up nearly 37% of the UK’s overall emissions, meaning many businesses and organisations are turning to a Heat Decarbonisation Plan (HDP) to drive results.

A Heat Decarbonisation Plan is a comprehensive strategy which precisely details the ways in which carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases produced when a building is heated can be reduced.

The Purpose of a Heat Decarbonisation Plan 

The exact purpose of a Heat Decarbonisation Plan is to not only provide an organisation with an objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from building use to net-zero, but to also give a clear pathway to achieving it. This typically involves reducing or eliminating the use of fossil fuels in a building, which are typically associated with providing heating and hot water.

A Heat Decarbonisation Plan can provide organisations with a route to develop new energy-efficient buildings or replace older systems with solutions such as heat pumps and solar panels.

When creating a Heat Decarbonisation Plan, it is important that it is fit for purpose and outlines current energy consumption and carbon emissions, heating systems, as well as plans to implement measures in the future.

The Key Elements of a Heat Decarbonisation Plan

  • Evaluating existing heating infrastructure, energy sources, and emissions to understand the starting point.
  • Identifying and promoting low-carbon heating technologies.
  • Implementing supportive policies, regulations, and incentives to encourage adoption of these technologies.
  • Investing in infrastructure necessary to support new heating technologies and improve energy efficiency.
  • Securing funding for the transition.
  • Educating and engaging communities and stakeholders to garner support and ensure successful implementation.
  • Establishing mechanisms to monitor progress, assess impact, and adjust strategies as needed.

How C3 Group Can Help

C3 Group works with public sector bodies to help them implement ambitious energy efficiency and sustainability projects. We specialise in providing extensive consultancy services to organisations across Hull and Leeds ensuring they can achieve their sustainability and net-zero objectives.

At C3 Group, we understand that leaning away from more traditional heating systems not only helps save carbon emissions but also increases financial savings. Our team of experts can guide you through every step of creating a Heat Decarbonisation Plan, including the navigation of the complexities of the PSDS funding application process.

Looking to start your net-zero journey today and curious about the ways in which a Heat Decarbonisation Plan could benefit your organisation? Contact us and find out more about how we can help.

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